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How do you follow each workout module?

Once you’re on the workout page, you’re ready to get started. We’ve tried to add as much detail as possible to answer any possible questions. Each Round, or “module”, has 3 components:

Videos:  For every round of HIIT and TABATA there is a video, with TA2 Co-Creator, and Fitness Expert, Annik Nayler, that coaches you through the round exercise by exercise. You can either watch the videos and do the program, or put your headphones in and listen to the audio only.

Photos: For every round, there are two photos next to each exercise, demonstrating what the exercise looks like at the beginning of the movement and the end.

Description:  At the top of each HIIT or Tabata round, or “module”, it tells you how long to do each exercise and how long to rest between each exercise. 

Here’s an example for HIIT: (60 Seconds On - 30 Seconds Rest). This means you will do each exercise in that round for 60 seconds, at high intensity, and then rest 30 seconds before starting the next exercise.

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