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Undersun Fitness’ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a progression to the program?

    To maximize your results, each week of the TA2 program gradually gets more challenging, with the introduction of new exercises, longer rounds and in the final weeks less rest.

  • How long is each workout?

    Most of the workouts are 4 total exercises, with 4-sets per exercise. If you keep your rest between sets down to 1-minute, you should be able to complete each exercise in 6-7 minutes. At 4 exercises this puts your total workout time at roughly 30-minutes. It’s a misconception that you need to spend an hour plus in the gym to build muscle. Whether you’re training with resistance bands, machines or free-weights, if your workout is more than 40-minutes, that you just means you’re resting too long.

  • What is a concentric contraction?

    In a concentric contraction, the muscle shortens as it contracts. If you were doing a biceps curl, in this phase you would be curling the weight up. This contraction is about 1-second in time and needs to be powerful, yet controlled.

  • How do you use a door anchor with resistance bands?

    Step 1. Open the door

    Step 2. Stand on the hinge side of the door (the side where the door closes in)

    Step 3.. With the loop side of the anchor facing you, place the strap flat across the edge of the door, with the foam side of the anchor on the opposite side of the door. 

    Step 4. Close the door, making sure that it is fully latched

    Step 5. Anchor the band by threading it through the nylon loop, and then looping the resistance band through itself. This will make a secure “knot”.

  • How do you follow each workout module?

    Once you’re on the workout page, you’re ready to get started. We’ve tried to add as much detail as possible to answer any possible questions. Each Round, or “module”, has 3 components:

    Videos:  For every round of HIIT and TABATA there is a video, with TA2 Co-Creator, and Fitness Expert, Annik Nayler, that coaches you through the round exercise by exercise. You can either watch the videos and do the program, or put your headphones in and listen to the audio only.

    Photos: For every round, there are two photos next to each exercise, demonstrating what the exercise looks like at the beginning of the movement and the end.

    Description:  At the top of each HIIT or Tabata round, or “module”, it tells you how long to do each exercise and how long to rest between each exercise. 

    Here’s an example for HIIT: (60 Seconds On - 30 Seconds Rest). This means you will do each exercise in that round for 60 seconds, at high intensity, and then rest 30 seconds before starting the next exercise.

  • Are Undersun Resistance bands made out of Natural Latex?

    At Undersun we appreciate the outdoors, so protecting the environment is important to us, which is why we chose to use Natural Latex.  Not only is natural latex a renewable resource but it’s also biodegradable and recyclable.

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