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Undersun Fitness’ Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you use a door anchor with resistance bands?

    Step 1. Open the door

    Step 2. Stand on the hinge side of the door (the side where the door closes in)

    Step 3.. With the loop side of the anchor facing you, place the strap flat across the edge of the door, with the foam side of the anchor on the opposite side of the door. 

    Step 4. Close the door, making sure that it is fully latched

    Step 5. Anchor the band by threading it through the nylon loop, and then looping the resistance band through itself. This will make a secure “knot”.

  • How many times a week do you do the workouts?

    In the TA2™ HIIT & Tabata program, it’s recommended that you do the workouts a minimum of three times a week. To maximize your results you can do the program up to four times a week. Any more than 4x’s a week you will not be getting adequate recovery time.

  • Will the door anchor damage the door?

    Because of the soft foam used for the stopper, the door anchor should not damage your door, if placed properly. The sharp edges on some doors may damage the door stopper over time, so periodically check your anchor for damage, and replace if necessary.

  • What does the name "TA2" stand for?

    TA2 stands for “Train Anywhere. Train Anytime”, and the TA2 HITT & TABATA program is no exception. Combined with Undersun Resistance Bands, this is a complete weight loss, and muscle toning program, that you can do wherever you are.

  • How do you use the workout calendar?

    To make it easy to follow the program we’ve created a calendar on the main page, after login in, with all 12-weeks of the program. The workout and rest days are already scheduled in for you, so all you need to do for each workout is click on the appropriate day. That will take you directly to your workout for the day. When you’ve completed the workout click the “FINISHED” button. Each time you log in you will be taken back to this same main calendar page.

  • Do I need to wear gloves when working out with bands?

    For the best grip, and to avoid wear and tear on your hands, we recommend using gloves when working out with resistance bands.  Look for gloves with padding the goes all the way to the edge of the palm, which is where the pressure from bands is placed. You may also want to use full-finger gloves as some exercises place more pressure on the fingers.

  • What bands come in a set?

    Each full set of Undersun Resistance Bands comes with 5 different levels of resistance, from X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy. These are the 5 most frequently used resistance levels, and when paired together you can create countless levels of resistance, for any exercise.

  • What is a concentric contraction?

    In a concentric contraction, the muscle shortens as it contracts. If you were doing a biceps curl, in this phase you would be curling the weight up. This contraction is about 1-second in time and needs to be powerful, yet controlled.