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Undersun Fitness’ Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is each workout?

    Most of the workouts are 4 total exercises, with 4-sets per exercise. If you keep your rest between sets down to 1-minute, you should be able to complete each exercise in 6-7 minutes. At 4 exercises this puts your total workout time at roughly 30-minutes. It’s a misconception that you need to spend an hour plus in the gym to build muscle. Whether you’re training with resistance bands, machines or free-weights, if your workout is more than 40-minutes, that you just means you’re resting too long.

  • What are the different resistance levels of each band?

    The level of resistance varies depending on how much the band is stretched, but the chart below gives an estimated average range of resistance per band. 

    • X-Light resistance band: 5-15 pounds
    • Light resistance band: 15-25 pounds
    • Medium resistance band: 30-60 pounds
    • Heavy resistance band: 45-100 pounds
    • X-Heavy resistance band: 50-120 pounds 

  • Is there a progression to the program?

    To maximize your results, each week of the TA2 program gradually gets more challenging, with the introduction of new exercises, longer rounds and in the final weeks less rest.

  • What if I can't do the workouts exactly the way they were designed?

    It’s OK if you can’t finish the workout in the same amount of time, or fashion, that it’s laid out. The most important thing is challenging yourself with each workout. Fitness is all about small incremental steps that all add up over time. Just do what you can do in the workout, as long as you know that you are challenging yourself. Take breaks if you need to, or even modify the exercises as suggested in the videos, if you need to. Remember that fitness is a journey, not a destination. Just as long as you don’t quit you will eventually reach your goals.

  • How does the program work?

    The TA2 Muscle Building Program follows a time-proven muscle building split, with each muscle group broken up into different training days. Each workout consists of multiple exercises per body part, with a strategically designed set and rep structure, to maximize mind-muscle connection, elicit peak muscular contractions, and develop explosive strength and muscle growth. Every 4-weeks the program progresses, attacking the muscles with new angles, and new exercises, utilizing resistance bands only.

  • What if one of my bands break?

    Under normal circumstances, your Undersun Resistance should not break, but considering they are made from natural latex it can happen, especially if not used properly. In most instances, when a band breaks, it is due to repeated over-stretching of the band, or damage caused from a sharp or rough edge at the anchor point. Any breakage due to faulty manufacturing is covered in our 1-Year Limited Warranty. Please contact Customer Service if you experience a broken or damaged band.

    Over time the natural latex in the band can be damaged due to oxidation. To avoid injury please inspect your bands for any damage, before each use. If you notice rough edges, nicks, or pitting please make sure to replace your bands immediately.

  • How do you use a door anchor with resistance bands?

    Step 1. Open the door

    Step 2. Stand on the hinge side of the door (the side where the door closes in)

    Step 3.. With the loop side of the anchor facing you, place the strap flat across the edge of the door, with the foam side of the anchor on the opposite side of the door. 

    Step 4. Close the door, making sure that it is fully latched

    Step 5. Anchor the band by threading it through the nylon loop, and then looping the resistance band through itself. This will make a secure “knot”.

  • What is the door anchor for?

    To get maximum results from your Undersun Resistance Bands, you’ll want to incorporate some anchored exercises into your routine. In a gym, or even an outdoor park, you can easily anchor your bands around a piece of equipment, but the door anchor will allow you to do the same with any door in your home, office or hotel. Make sure to check out one of the TA2 training programs for a variety of anchored exercises for each muscle group.